Federal laws require companies raising money through Reg D, Rule 506(c) private placement capital raises where they generally solicit to verify that their investors are “accredited investors”. A simple questionnaire isn’t enough – companies must take further “reasonable steps” to prove their investors are “accredited investors” with potentially serious consequences for failing to do so. helps companies comply with their legal obligations while protecting investors' confidential information.

Rule 506(c)

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Rule 506(b)

The Problem

Rule 506(b) accredited investor screening is typically done by an Accredited Investor Questionnaire. Failure to properly screen out even one investor can lead to the entire securities offering being illegal. Hiring law firms to conduct the screening is prohibitively expensive. Having untrained staff conduct the screening is risky.

The Solution

Outsource this compliance headache to is the leading accredited investor diligence provider with proven tech and a highly trustworthy brand. We'll help you increase your compliance while saving money with our streamlined method of ensuring compliance with Rule 506(b) accredited investor due diligence. Onboarding can take as little as one day.

How It Works

Upload your Accredited Investor Questionnaire to our system for review. Issuers cn upload on behalf of their investors or can ask that their investors provide the completed questionnaire to

Optionally, convert your Accredited Investor Questionnaire into an easy step-by-step guided online form. Using our custom verification online wizard, quickly create, use or edit your accredited investor questionnaire. We'll help you!

Rely on our expertise or set your own reviewing standards and develop your own reviewer pool. We'll help you!

Opt to set your own deliverables, whether it's just a simple affirmation or a detailed verification letter delivered by qualified reviewers, such as licensed attorneys.

Please contact us and ask about Rule 506(b) verifications for more information