About Us is a leading resource for verifying accredited investors as required by federal laws. We also offer custom verifications, qualified purchaser, and qualified client verifications. is majority owned by tZERO, a financial technology company that provides transformative market-based solutions for companies, entrepreneurs, and retail and institutional investors. With the New York Stock Exchange/Intercontinental Exchange as a significant investor, tZERO brings world-class technology, security, brand trust, and compliance capabilities.'s aim is to provide simple, reliable, and confidential verification services, which compliments tZERO's suite of services.

The Idea Behind provides a fast, easy, and cost-effective method of compliance for companies seeking to verify their investors. At the same time, our platform gives those same investors peace of mind that their information is confidential and protected.

Using shields companies from the potential risks of noncompliance, including enforcement action and the possibility of having to return funds to disgruntled investors. We wanted something that’s good for both the company and its investors.