Issuers – How to Verify an Investor: Under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), investors are unable to certify themselves as accredited investors through a subscription agreement or investor questionnaire for generally solicited Reg D, Rule 506(c) offerings. Instead, companies and funds must take further reasonable steps to acquire proof of accredited investor status. With, you can submit a request for verification of your investors quickly, easy, and securely. Be confident in the knowledge that our verifications are legally compliant and completed by licensed attorneys.

Easy Account Setup

To begin the process of validating an investor's accredited status with, simply create your issuer account. To create an account, all we ask is for your name, the issuer’s name, email address, and password. Typically, it takes around 2-3 minutes for issuers to sign up for an account and request verification information for investors. With us, taking reasonable steps to verify an investor's accreditation is simple, fast, and affordable.

Quick Verification Request

After you've successfully created your account, verifying your investors is easy. All you need to do is enter the email address of each investor for which you're looking to obtain validation. Pay for a single verification or get a bulk discount by prepaying for a bundle of verification credits. The credits will apply to the order immediately and any unused credits will remain in your account for future use. Our verifications are carried out by licensed attorneys who are experienced with the securities laws requirements necessary to conduct the accredited investor analysis. The accredited investor verifications provided by are 100% compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) requirements for validating investors.

Thorough Verification System

After you’ve placed an order for verification, you’ll receive an order confirmation in your email. Investors being verified will receive an email prompting them to begin the verification process. We’ll update you with emails as investors go through the verification process. You’ll also be able to easily track the status of all your verifications through your dashboard. Use our labeling system to easily categorize and track multiple investors or multiple deals.

We’ll ask investors a few simple questions and then guide them through the process of uploading (or taking a picture of, if a tablet or mobile device is being used) documentation supporting the answers they provided. Most investors can go through our platform in under 5 minutes. Once all required information is provided to us, the verifications are conducted by a licensed attorney typically within 1-2 business days. If an investor you've requested verification for is not accredited, you’ll be informed via email. If the investor is verified as an accredited investor, a signed attorney's letter will be sent to you as confirmation that a full analysis was carried out within the SEC's guidelines. Your dashboard will also track the status of all verifications.

Privacy and Security

In order to complete the investor verifications, we may have to collect some sensitive information from them. This information is necessary for anyone to conduct a legally-compliant accredited investor review. We understand that this might be intimidating to your investors. Rest assured that no other verification method is as private, confidential, and secure as using It’s actually a selling point you can use to show your investors that you care about protecting them. Learn more about our security standards here: Every step of the verification process was carefully analyzed and constructed in a manner that prioritized confidentiality and security. We’ll be happy to help you explain to your investors why is the most secure solution available for them to verify their accredited investor status.